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Clinical Supervision

Nurturing the next generation of mental health professionals in New Jersey through comprehensive supervision services.

What we offer

At Healing Pathways, we are dedicated to nurturing the next generation of mental health professionals. We offer comprehensive supervision services tailored to Licensed Social Workers (LSWs) and Licensed Associate Counselors (LACs) seeking to expand their clinical skills and accumulate hours towards becoming an LCSW or LPC. 

Invest in your professional development and embark on a journey of growth and self-discovery with our supervision services at Healing Pathways. *

*Note: The Social Work Board allows only half of the clinical supervision hours to be completed virtually and The Board of Marriage & Family Counseling Board requires all clinical supervision to be completed in person (unless an exception is sought through the board). All Supervision sessions are offered in person at the Basking Ridge Location office.  ​​

Expert Guidance

Our experienced and licensed supervisors offer personalized guidance and mentorship, drawing from their wealth of clinical experience to support your professional growth.

Skill Development

Through case consultations and ongoing feedback, we help you hone your therapeutic skills, deepen your understanding of theoretical approaches, and navigate ethical dilemmas effectively. 

Ethical Insight

Supervision sessions offer a safe space to discuss challenging cases and ethical considerations, fostering ethical decision-making and ensuring adherence to professional standards. 

Licensure Support

We provide guidance and support throughout the licensure process, assisting you in meeting supervision requirements and preparing for licensure exams with confidence. 

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