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Healing Pathways Counseling Center  |  Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Welcome to Healing Pathways

Counseling & Supervision Center

Providing trauma-informed therapy to adults looking to heal and access their true authentic selves. 

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At Healing Pathways, we're dedicated to providing compassionate mental health care aimed at empowering you to reclaim control over your life and to embark on a journey towards growth and resilience. 

As a trauma-informed practice, we recognize the unique needs of each individual and strive to create a safe and nurturing environment for all. Your well-being is our top priority, and it is our ongoing goal to provide quality, inclusive care that honors your identity and experiences. 

At Healing Pathways, we specialize in guiding individuals through the profound healing process from both Big T Traumas and Small T Traumas. Big T traumas refer to significant, often life-threatening events such as natural disasters, physical or sexual assault, or severe accidents that profoundly impact an individual's sense of safety and well-being. Small T traumas refer to less overtly catastrophic events, such as emotional neglect, ongoing verbal abuse, or subtle forms of invalidation, which can still have a significant and lasting impact on an individual's psychological well-being. To learn more about Big T and Little T Traumas, click here 


Utilizing evidence-based and culturally cognizant therapeutic approaches, we are committed to empowering you on your journey to healing, thriving, and resilience. With a deep understanding of the complexities of these issues, our expertise ensures personalized care tailored to your unique needs. 

Domestic Violence

The Healing Pathways team feels a great sense of pride in their role of supporting survivors of Domestic Violence, with each therapist bringing extensive experience from the Domestic Violence Nonprofit sector. Our team is well-versed in the processes and resources available, ensuring you receive comprehensive care and guidance. Our mission is to provide a safe space for healing, empowering you to rebuild your life with confidence and resilience.

Sexual Violence

We understand that the effects of sexual violence can be pervasive and distressing, and we are dedicated to creating an environment where survivors can process their experiences in a healthy and safe way. Our clinicians are honored to walk the healing journey alongside our clients and take the trust placed in them very seriously.


At Healing Pathways, we specialize in providing compassionate support for those living with PTSD and C-PTSD. We understand the challenges and complexities of navigating life after trauma, and we are here to offer guidance and healing every step of the way. Our dedicated therapists create a nurturing environment where you can reclaim your strength and find peace amidst the storm.

Attachment Wounds & Developmental Traumas

Our clinicians feel confident assisting their clients in addressing attachment wounds and developmental traumas with empathy and understanding. We recognize that not all traumas are "big T" traumas, and everyone deserves a safe space to unpack how past experiences have shaped current behaviors, tendencies, and relationships. We are dedicated to guiding you through this healing journey, helping you foster healthier relationships and find greater peace within yourself.

Our Mission

Our staff is dedicated to upholding  a commitment to empathy, compassion, and integrity in everything we do. Our mission is to create a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where individuals can access high-quality counseling services.

We know that pursuing mental health care can be daunting. Between navigating your insurance coverage and finding a therapist whose expertise aligns with your needs, it can feel like a full time job. Our goal is to remove as many barriers to as possible, so you can focus on what is important: Healing and Relief. 

Sheila Reinoso-Jimenez, LPC, ACS

Practice Owner, Licensed Professional Counselor, Approved Clinical Supervisor, EMDR Certified

Sonia Varela, MA, ATR-BC

Licensed Professional Art Therapist

Mary Sarah Agliotta,  M.A, LAC

Licensed Associate Counselor, TIR Certified, 200 Hour RYT

Kimberly Peck, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EMDR Certified

Lauren Lia, MSW, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, EMDR Certified

Kristen Ramos-Santos, LSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Sarah Eastman, BA

Practice Manager

Wounding and healing are not opposites. They're part of the same thing. It is our wounds that enable us to be compassionate with the wounds of others. It is our limitations that make us kind to the limitations of other people. It is our loneliness that helps us to find other people or to even know they're alone with an illness. I think I have served people perfectly with parts of myself I used to be ashamed of.

- Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen

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Meet with your potential clinician to get a better sense of their therapuetic approach, express what you are looking to get out of therapy, and determine if you feel they are a good fit for your needs!

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Once both you and your clinician decide to proceed, an initial session will be scheduled! Prior to, you will be asked to complete some intake forms and will have an insurance benefit check conducted on your behalf.

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What to Expect

We know pursuing services can be intimidating, so it is important to us that you feel comfortable going into your first session.  We look forward to being with you on your journey to healing.

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